Amour Fati - A Love Affair with Fate

1240 X 1500
Mixed Media

'Amour Fati' - a love affair with fate, describes the love affair I had with creating this work and the idea of fate itself.

This signature piece representing my current body of work was initially informed by two key concepts, firstly,

 “...realise that everything connects to everything else.” Leonardo DaVinci


“Amor Fati—’Love your fate’, which is in fact your life” Friedrich Nietzsche

Over a period of months the work evolved into a emblem of contemporary spirituality.

Immediately the viewer is greeted by the 'hand' crowning the image, offering a request for connection.

Rich in symbology and phyiscal layering the golden eye draws you into the centre of the piece's universe. The swan, tattooed with varied spiritual symbols, acts as vessel for a 'pick n mix' version of spirituality.

Intricate stitch and delicate gold leaf meet bold spray paint and black ink creating a tangible link between past and present.

This work is professionally framed on white matt, with a matt black frame. (Not pictured)