Fate Series Part I

520 X 660
Mixed Media

Fate Series Part I represents part of a body of work titled 'Amour Fati - A Love Affair with Fate'.

It was the initial visual I created, informing the direction of the overall project.

The hand is a powerful symbol that references the human ability to create with our hands, connect, take oaths, make deals. The markings on the hand offer up a taste of scared geometry, a philosophy that supports DaVinci's idea that everything is connected. Triangles symbolising earth, air, fire and water on the the fingertips and the symbol for death/stillness at the end of the 'life-line' describe the human connection with the environment and questions if our fate is in our hands.

Delicate detailing and Indian ink washes framing the circle are made of small organic parts meeting but generally not touching; a decorative force feild.

Consistant with this body of work, Fate Series Part I shines with gold leaf contrasted against black ink and draws you in with beautifully presented intricate details that ask you to ponder the ideas presented or just simply enjoy the beauty of their forms.