Fate Series Part III

520 X 660
Mixed Media

Fate Series Part III is part of my current body of work 'Amour Fati - A Love Affair with Fate' and follows on from the circumpunct symbol in Part II with an Eye of Providence (also know as 'the all seeing eye').

The 'all seeing eye' crowned with golden sun burst acts as a symbol of devine intervention. Arrows and Olive branch symbolise direction, peace & individual choice, asking the viewer to consider fate as devine intervention v's fate as choice.

Symbols are balanced into a sheild like whole suggesting that both concepts are valid and bringing the question of 'fate' into connection with it's alternative.

Rounding off the idea that contemporary spirituality exists not to except one main concept but to build individual badges that represent a modern version of belief, avioding commitment and following current demands, responding accordingly.

Layers of paint, ink & stitching aid in the building of the layers of ideas presented in this three part series.